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Sr. Medical Director - Physician Group - Atrium Health Navicent

This job posting is no longer active.

Macon, GA, United States
Job ID: 39021
Job Family: Executives
Status: Full Time
Shift: Day
Job Type: Regular
Department Name: 32051053740501-Administration


Job Summary: The VP, Senior Medical Director AHNMG (MD) is responsible for the strategic development and integration, as well as operational coordination and comprehensive performance of Atrium Health Navicent Physician Group. The VP, Senior Medical Director AHNMG (MD) will provide leadership to the medical group in all areas of performance and responsibility as well as with the Market Chief Medical Officer to implement strategies related to the goal of being a learning organization and for academic integration across the Market. This position is within a highly complex organizational structure and will require the skills and behaviors of strategic objective initiatives, goal setting, performance monitoring & attainment, complex problem solving, coaching, multi-modal communication, relationship & network building, and engagement/alignment with organizational strategy & tactics.

Job Criteria  -  Leadership Behaviors & Standards

  • Strategic Direction: Meets operational goals that support the strategic plan, establishing policy and procedures, and identifying opportunities to gain competitive advantage.  Ensures positive outcomes for the department, strives for excellence and achieves departmental goals. Contributes to the organization’s vision, mission and values by identifying opportunities for improving services, processes, or outcomes by defining and implementing solutions. Continually develops personally and professionally.
  • Results Accountability: Takes responsibility and demonstrates reliability and dependability by taking initiative, following through on commitments, and assuming ownership for successfully completing job responsibilities. Holds self and others accountable for assigned work/results and raises expectations to achieve better results. Demonstrates ability to tie departmental goals to organizational goals to ensure positive impact.  Sets performance metric and measurement method to illustrate outcomes with organizational performance and goal attainment.  Identifies and communicates direct relationship between employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction for each position.   Strives to exceed employee and patient satisfaction at all times.
  •  Process Improvement Champion:   Approaches problem solving and decision-making using a methodical approach and analyzes information to make well thought-out decisions.  Determines when and what changes are needed for process improvement, and improved patient care and facilitates successful implementation by team members.  Serves as a mentor to develop change-management skills, including embracing changes that are positive and/or necessary for the department/organization.
  • Interpersonal/Communication:  Demonstrates Operation Excellence by embracing, practicing and promoting the principles by offering assistance and meeting the needs of customers.  Creates an inclusive, welcoming environment and recognizes the importance of individual and cultural diversity in developing effective teams and providing quality patient care.  Uses multiple communication methodologies and skills in interacting with employees, peers, patients, physicians, external partners and community members.  Promotes a spirit of teamwork within the department/organization. Collaborates and is responsive, working across organizational teams, departments and service lines.    
  • Financial Accountability:  Utilizes allocated resources to achieve desired financial results, while staying within organizational guidelines. Continuously seeks opportunities and encourages employees to contain cost, reduce inefficiencies and eliminate waste that will impact the financial resources of the department/organization. Ability to tie improvements to financial savings or improved utilization of funds.
  • Technical/Technology Expertise:  Identifies and utilizes necessary technology and resources. Evaluates technological advances in field of expertise. Provides opportunities for employees within the department to develop additional technical skills that may improve performance.   Ensures employees develop required skills as new technology is obtained.
  • Leadership Skills/Recruitment/Retention: Uses a leadership style that motivates employees and encourages loyalty, positive outcomes, and enthusiasm within the work group.  Demonstrates ability to screen applicants well and select qualified candidates for vacancies.  Ability to identify reasons for controllable turnover and address problems when they occur.  Ability to identify employee strengths, unique skill sets and create an environment where employees aspire to maximize their personal development and the development of their peers.  Encourages employees to pursue career advancement to assist with succession planning within department/organization.
  • Safety:  Initiates a safe work environment for team members and intervenes when safety violations occur. Demonstrates best practices and promotes patient safety.  Ensures compliance with Fire Safety, General Safety, Hazardous Materials and Wastes, Emergency Management, Medical Equipment, Security and Utility Systems.
  • Corporate and regulatory compliances: Demonstrates understanding and assures compliance with federal and state regulations, accrediting agency standards, and CGHS policy and procedures.

 Major Job Functions to Oversee

  • Oversees clinical and business operations for Atrium Health Navicent Medical Group. Works collaboratively with other leaders to develop and implement patient clinical care programs that are multi-disciplinary and integrated, meeting the needs of the patients and community.  Ensures that innovative and emerging trends are operationalized, as appropriate.  Ensures an accessible delivery model.  Represents Atrium Health Navicent to the community, as appropriate.
  • Responsible for budget development:  provider growth assumptions, visit volumes, productivity goals and budget implementation, monitoring and accountability for areas within scope.  Oversees clinical issues pertaining to resource utilization, utilization review, quality improvement, risk management, clinical equipment issues and other issues, as appropriate.  Prepares a programmatic budget when asked and maintains expenditures within that budget. Oversees capital investment decisions for defined areas. 
  • Recruits and maintains an appropriate level of physicians and APPs that represent a spectrum of highly qualified providers offering a comprehensive experience for patients, residents, and medical students.  Recommends, in collaboration with the respective Vice Presidents, the appointment, reappointment or termination of managers, physicians and/or APPs.  Enhances communication between practicing, frontline physicians, and administration and provides recognition of physicians and APPs who go “above and beyond” to support excellence.
  • Supports, promotes, evaluates performance, and leadership development, targeting for individuals, the development of desired and/or needed skills for their roles.  Identifies and develops future leaders, working with them to develop communication skills and an understanding of the system.
  • Responsible for working collaboratively with the Designated Institutional Official in the Division of Medical Education to support the development and implementation of effective and innovative educational programs for practicing physicians, faculty, residents and students.
  • Provides guidance on the changing medical landscape, continuum of care and future opportunities and leads the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.  Oversees the strategic agenda within the defined area of scope, including: business strategies - prioritization of programs, markets, growth, etc.; clinical strategies - development of protocols, safety and quality targets, other clinical standards, etc.; and marketing strategies.
  • Responsible for identifying and resolving all issues related to behavior and conduct amongst Atrium Health Navicent Medical Group practices and services.
  • Elevates the focus on quality and safety performance throughout the System; develops and maintains high standards of patient care, teaching and research; and leads performance improvement initiatives.  Ensures that evidence-based medical practice is exercised to ensure high quality, efficient care across the continuum of services; ensures that clinical measures are monitored and responded to for the advancement of excellence; assists in maintaining survey readiness and JCAHO accreditation where applicable; and monitors and maintains physician performance measures (productivity, quality, patient and referring   physician satisfaction, etc.).


  1. Education: MD or DO degree required.
  2. Experience: Minimum five years senior physician leadership and management experience required.
  3. Certification/License/Registration:  Board Certified by the appropriate recognized specialty board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  4. Mandatory Training Required:    Must attend mandatory organizational/departmental annual training.
  5.  Cover All Patient Population Age Groups
  6. Other (Operation Excellence):  Employee must be aware of and fully support the system’s policy in Operation Excellence (Policy 10-602) as well as his/her department’s commitment to Operation Excellence. 
  7. OSHA Classification       

Enterprise Leadership Imperatives:
Thinks Critically and Strategically

  •      Recognizes the strategic issues facing their areas of responsibility and Atrium Health as a whole.
  •      Engages in rigorous problem definition, data collection, and analysis, then makes well-informed decisions in a timely manner.
  •      Connects the dots in complex business situations and distills their essence into actionable insights.
  •      Sees the big picture and has a long-term perspective, while balancing it against short-term realities.
  •      Identifies potential scenarios, assesses risks and ways to mitigate them, and charts the best path forward.

Envisions and Enacts the Future

  •      Creates a compelling vision of an achievable future.
  •      Communicates simply and powerfully why change is necessary.
  •      Mobilizes people and organizational resources to realize their vision.
  •      Catalyzes innovation and builds adaptive capabilities.
  •      Is a committed steward of the Atrium Health culture.

Connects and Collaborates Across and Beyond Atrium Health

  •      Recognizes the critical importance of integration and collaboration in achieving high performance.
  •      Convenes and nurtures cross-system teams, and works effectively in the “white spaces.”
  •      Seeks win-win outcomes and puts the well-being of the patient and the overall organization first.
  •      Leads effectively across cultures.

Builds and Leads Inclusive, High-performing Leadership Teams

  •      Understands the value of diversity in teams and seeks to get the best out of all people.
  •      Gets the right people in the right roles, then aligns and energizes them to achieve excellence.
  •      Establishes trust and creates a culture of psychological safety to enable candid debate.
  •      Builds consensus; decides when necessary.
  •      Delivers outstanding results through others.

Understands and Shapes the External Environment

  •      Is deeply knowledgeable about patient needs, the Atrium Health business model, and the competitive, political and social environments in which the organization operates.
  •      Understands the importance of actively engaging with and shaping these environments.
  •      Identifies, assesses and builds relationships with key stakeholders.
  •      Is proactive in identifying potential threats and opportunities and adapts rapidly in the face of changing circumstances.
  •      Mobilizes and directs supporting capabilities in public affairs, communications and government relations to achieve desired outcomes.

Builds Talent for and Across the System

  •      Demonstrates personal accountability for developing future generations of Atrium Health leaders who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
  •      Engages actively with colleagues in assessing and developing executive talent, focusing both on competencies and character.
  •      Identifies future skillset needs, then recruits and develops people to meet those needs.
  •      Invests time in coaching and mentoring high-potentials for success.
  •      Is a role model, embodying the best of Atrium Health’s culture.