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Vice President, Enterprise Strategy & Intelligence

This job posting is no longer active.

Charlotte, NC, United States
Job ID: 9625
Job Family: Executives
Status: Full Time
Shift: Day
Shift Details: Regular
Department Name: 51011028341716-Strategic Services
Location: Atrium Corporate Operations


Position Summary:
Under the direction of the SVP of Enterprise Strategy & Planning, and working closely with the Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer and other Atrium Health executive leaders, the VP of Enterprise Strategy & Intelligence is responsible for leading collaborative, enterprise strategy development and generating data, analytics and other strategic intelligence that inform and shape our enterprise strategies and plans. This role is consultative - part leader and part doer - and is responsible for developing contemporary and competitive enterprise-wide strategies that are critical for enterprise, region, market and other business unit level results.   Specifically, he / she is responsible for developing and annually refreshing the Atrium Health enterprise strategy, for formulating deeper and related enterprise-wide strategies and plans, and that they are effectively communicated and planned for implementation. 
The VP of Enterprise Strategy & Intelligence must be a content expert, a creative and broad thinker, possess understanding of and connections to operations and be an influential collaborator.  He/she will work with enterprise-wide leaders, multiple business units, shared services and/ or other constituencies through the enterprise and regions, and will be responsible for a leading a portfolio of projects.  
The VP of Enterprise Strategy & Intelligence is an important leader in the Atrium Health Strategy & Transformation Office (STO) and specifically, Enterprise Strategy Partners.  He/she has direct responsibility for building and leading the Enterprise Strategy & Intellience teams including talent acquisition and development, methodology development and application, portfolio management, and implementation of stakeholder engagement model.

Position Accountabilities:                                    

  • In collaboration and support of the SVP of Enterprise Strategy & Planning and Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, develop and execute the process to create the long term Atrium Health enterprise (corporate) strategy and corresponding annual strategic priorities, review and refresh the enterprise strategy annually, and engage and communicate with the appropriate Board committees and Atrium Health senior leaders.
  • Through partnership with the STO and Atrium Health leaders and with market-leading methods, design and develop deep and robust enterprise strategies and plans that are articulated as priority in the Atrium Health enterprise strategy and require further strategy formulation, plan development and execution readiness.
  • Participate in the engagement and communication of our strategic function with Next Generation Network partner candidates, and once approved, work with appropriate leadership to align new partners strategically as well as functionally.
  • Collaborate with other Atrium Health Enterprise Strategy Partner teams, STO leaders and other senior leaders across the enterprise to communicate, develop critical plans and execute strategies across the enterprise.  Work closely with Atrium Health Enterprise Strategy Partners, STO leadership and other Atrium Health executives to ensure seamless coordination of strategy development, planning and strategy management across the enterprise, regions and markets.
  • Develop and implement market leading methods to strategy formulation and data analytics / strategic intelligence.  Ensure team learns and applies methodologies, and implements actions to inform and educate the Atrium Health leadership.  Continually monitors health care and other industries stay abreast and even lead our industry in this regard.  
  • Contribute to the development, implementation and steadfast support of the STO portfolio management discipline to manage all requests / ideas, assign right resources, decision / gating criteria from one phase to next, manage quality of deliverables, resolve issues, and view status across projects.   
  • Communicates regularly to senior leadership, colleagues, and staff as to the status of key organizational strategies and initiatives. Holds his/her team accountable for the timely, successful completion of enterprise, team and individual goals. 
  • Build, lead and mature a high performing team that is a role model for the rest of the enterprise.  This includes talent acquisition, professional development, rewards / recognition, performance management, resource demand/supply, career progression and team culture.
  • Promotes teamwork within and across the enterprise by maintaining positive relationships and utilizing effective problem-solving skills. Helps to break down organizational silos and promotes an integrated team approach to strategy development, data and analytics, planning, execution and strategy management. Works particularly closely with other leaders STO and enterprise shared services.
  • Plan, organize, direct and control the day-to-day operations of the team, develop and implement policies and programs in alignment with Atrium Health Enterprise Strategy Partners and other STO activities.


  • Bachelors and Masters degree highly preferred in a Business or Healthcare related field 

Work Experience, Skills & Abilities:

  • 10+ years’ leadership experience in healthcare related field, experience in consulting preferred
  • Sound financial, analytical, structured problem solving, strategy development, deployment, and program/project management skills 
  • Change agent, lead internal consultant, skilled communicator and expert in generating strategic intelligence 
  • Executive presence and ability to carry forward executive level presentations and discussions 
  • Creative thinker and influential collaborator 
  • Clear and concise expert presentation skills (written and oral) 
  • Ability to facilitate and lead System leaders through proactive and critical strategy decisions 
  • Ability to create an engaged working environment and a collaborative culture of excellence 

Enterprise Leadership Imperatives:

Thinks Critically and Strategically

  • Recognizes the strategic issues facing their areas of responsibility and Atrium Health as a whole.
  • Engages in rigorous problem definition, data collection, and analysis, then makes well-informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Connects the dots in complex business situations and distills their essence into actionable insights.
  • Sees the big picture and has a long-term perspective, while balancing it against short-term realities.
  • Identifies potential scenarios, assesses risks and ways to mitigate them, and charts the best path forward.
  • Envisions and Enacts the Future

Creates a compelling vision of an achievable future.

  • Communicates simply and powerfully why change is necessary.
  • Mobilizes people and organizational resources to realize their vision.
  • Catalyzes innovation and builds adaptive capabilities.
  • Is a committed steward of the Atrium Health culture

Connects and Collaborates Across and Beyond Atrium Health

  • Recognizes the critical importance of integration and collaboration in achieving high performance.
  • Convenes and nurtures cross-system teams, and works effectively in the “white spaces.”
  • Seeks win-win outcomes and puts the well-being of the patient and the overall organization first.
  • Leads effectively across cultures.

Builds and Leads Inclusive, High-performing Leadership Teams

  • Understands the value of diversity in teams and seeks to get the best out of all people.
  • Gets the right people in the right roles, then aligns and energizes them to achieve excellence.
  • Establishes trust and creates a culture of psychological safety to enable candid debate.
  • Builds consensus; decides when necessary.
  • Delivers outstanding results through others.

Understands and Shapes the External Environment

  • Is deeply knowledgeable about patient needs, the Atrium Health business model, and the competitive, political and social environments in which the organization operates.
  • Understands the importance of actively engaging with and shaping these environments.
  • Identifies, assesses and builds relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Is proactive in identifying potential threats and opportunities and adapts rapidly in the face of changing circumstances.
  • Mobilizes and directs supporting capabilities in public affairs, communications and government relations to achieve desired outcomes.

Builds Talent for and Across the System

  • Demonstrates personal accountability for developing future generations of Atrium Health leaders who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Engages actively with colleagues in assessing and developing executive talent, focusing both on competencies and character.
  • Identifies future skillset needs, then recruits and develops people to meet those needs.
  • Invests time in coaching and mentoring high-potentials for success.
  • Is a role model, embodying the best of Atrium Health’s culture.