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Deputy Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Date Posted: Mar 2, 2021
Charlotte, NC, United States
Job ID: 3763
Status: Full Time
Shift: Day
Shift Details: Regular
Department Name: 51011028342302-Human Resources Talent Acquisition and Workforce Admininstration
Location: Atrium Corporate Operations


Position Summary:

Reporting into the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer / Chief Managed Health Executive, this leader is responsible for aligning, activating and managing the marketing & communications strategy, plan and operations across the enterprise inclusive of all regions and markets.  As the Deputy to the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, this role will advance the Marketing, Communications and Consumer organization toward best-in-class capabilities and performance, partnering with Atrium Health business leaders and embedding strategic communications and marketing to enable growth, strengthen the brand, improve reputation and elevate consumer experience.  Furthermore, this role is responsible for identifying, anticipating, framing and capitalizing on key opportunities, questions and barriers linked to strategy, activation and performance. As a valued partner to Atrium Health business leaders, the Deputy Chief Marketing and Communications Officer leverages disciplined and intentional frameworks, intelligence and action plans to achieve outcomes and results with execution agility and broad collaboration.

Key Responsibilities:

In partnership with the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer / Chief Managed Health Executive and collaboration with the Marketing, Communications and Consumer leadership team, this role will be accountable for the following:

Value Proposition Development and Execution

  • Develop clearly differentiated positioning to demonstrate why Atrium Health is the first and best choice for health, to partner with Atrium Health business leaders as they compete and win in their respective areas of responsibility as well as to optimize performance across the Enterprise
  • Leverage customer insights to assess market gaps, identify business-specific opportunities and create business strategies and value propositions
  • Expand brand strength and engagement to include products, services and experiences that truly deliver the brand promise
  • Create compelling, high performing go-to-market strategies that deliver results and reinforce the Atrium Health brand

Strategy and Planning

  • As a division within the Strategy & Transformation Office, partner to integrate consumer, market, and brand insights into the comprehensive approach to strategy development and activation
  • Work with Atrium Health business leaders and key stakeholders to translate business opportunities into marketing and communications initiatives; ensuring consistency across care delivery, academics and regions / markets; identify and leverage economies of scale where practical
  • Actively engage Atrium Health business leaders – building alignment and prioritization of opportunities and corresponding strategies
  • Identify tactics for critical stakeholders across the Go To Market continuum to engage in the most effective manner to ultimately drive improved business results

Program Execution

  • Define and drive objectives across priorities for the enterprise, care delivery and academics by converting business objectives into communication and marketing goals and providing direct oversight in the design and execution of programs/strategies that advance the business and support the achievement of objectives
  • Maintain knowledge and awareness of critical community context and competitive positioning and take necessary action to limit risk to Atrium Health while also being opportunistic
  • Evangelize the brand and ensure brand standards evolve based upon business need and are consistently applied across the Enterprise
  • Monitor and track performance, making adjustments as appropriate to optimize performance throughout execution
  • Foster a culture of intentional, data-driven analysis that anticipates, monitors and responds to risks, challenges and opportunities in the context of value potential, value capture and cost to achieve


  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and usability of the digital footprint across the Atrium Health Enterprise to achieve targeted outcome metrics and critical performance indicators by leveraging current and emerging digital capabilities
  • Manage channels and content to enhance both the strength of the brand and the reputation of the enterprise within and beyond the service area
  • Advance Digital, Brand and Sports Marketing – driving initiatives for B2C, B2B and B2B2C
  • Evolve and enhance digital marketing capabilities to support consumer engagement activities

Internal and External Communications

  • Support the business leaders across the enterprise to create best-in-class communication materials in a seamless and timely manner
  • Ensure that Atrium Health is executing on its brand promise and corporate reputation objectives consistently across all communications, regardless of internal or external audiences
  • Develop and implement proactive playbooks and strategies to manage media coverage and issues management

Talent Management and Organizational Leadership

  • Continually build, strengthen and reposition the communications and marketing organization by recruiting, retaining, and developing the team and providing individuals with reasonable opportunities to be visible and excel
  • Inspire your team to be the best they can be recognizing that each person contributes to the vision and mission of the enterprise
  • Create a culture of high performance, recognition and caring where teammates are highly valued contributors to the success of the organization




  • A bachelor’s degree and an MBA or relevant graduate degree 
Work Experience:
  • 10+ years of experience developing and executing integrated communication and marketing programs
Critical Success Factors:
  • Within the first 6 months, establish sustainable relationships within the team, develop a solid working knowledge of current business opportunities, strategies and risks across the enterprise, and build professional and credible relationships among leaders with the Strategy & Transformation Office and across the Enterprise (service lines, care divisions, academic departments and other appropriate executive leaders).
  • Within the first year, positively contribute and advance the Marketing, Communications and Consumer strategy and demonstrate measurable performance improvement.
  • Within 2 years, demonstrate an enhanced level of autonomy and a proven track record of achieving and exceeding goals, capabilities advancements and operational performance for the department and the enterprise.


Enterprise Leadership Imperatives:

Thinks Critically and Strategically

  • Recognizes the strategic issues facing their areas of responsibility and Atrium Health as a whole.
  • Engages in rigorous problem definition, data collection, and analysis, then makes well-informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Connects the dots in complex business situations and distills their essence into actionable insights.
  • Sees the big picture and has a long-term perspective, while balancing it against short-term realities.
  • Identifies potential scenarios, assesses risks and ways to mitigate them, and charts the best path forward.

Envisions and Enacts the Future

  • Creates a compelling vision of an achievable future.
  • Communicates simply and powerfully why change is necessary.
  • Mobilizes people and organizational resources to realize their vision.
  • Catalyzes innovation and builds adaptive capabilities.
  • Is a committed steward of the Atrium Health culture.

Connects and Collaborates Across and Beyond Atrium Health

  • Recognizes the critical importance of integration and collaboration in achieving high performance.
  • Convenes and nurtures cross-system teams and works effectively in the “white spaces.”
  • Seeks win-win outcomes and puts the well-being of the patient and the overall organization first.
  • Leads effectively across cultures.

Builds and Leads Inclusive, High-performing Leadership Teams

  • Understands the value of diversity in teams and seeks to get the best out of all people.
  • Gets the right people in the right roles, then aligns and energizes them to achieve excellence.
  • Establishes trust and creates a culture of psychological safety to enable candid debate.
  • Builds consensus; decides when necessary.
  • Delivers outstanding results through others.

Understands and Shapes the External Environment

  • Is deeply knowledgeable about patient needs, the Atrium Health business model, and the competitive, political and social environments in which the organization operates.
  • Understands the importance of actively engaging with and shaping these environments.
  • Identifies, assesses and builds relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Is proactive in identifying potential threats and opportunities and adapts rapidly in the face of changing circumstances.
  • Mobilizes and directs supporting capabilities in public affairs, communications and government relations to achieve desired outcomes.

Builds Talent for and Across the System

  • Demonstrates personal accountability for developing future generations of Atrium Health leaders who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Engages actively with colleagues in assessing and developing executive talent, focusing both on competencies and character.
  • Identifies future skillset needs, then recruits and develops people to meet those needs.
  • Invests time in coaching and mentoring high-potentials for success.
  •  Is a role model, embodying the best of Atrium Health’s culture.


If you would like more information on the role, please reach out to the Executive Recruiting Program Manager, Cary Aldrich, at [email protected].