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Registered Nurse- Night- FT

Rome, GA, United States
Job ID: 119783
Job Family: Nursing
Status: Full Time
Shift: Night
Job Type: Regular
Department Name: 12311112530440-Nursing - 3 Medical/Surgical


The Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for implementing the nursing process based on knowledge and experience in providing care for patients.  The functions of a Registered Nurse are to collect patient health data, analyze the data, identify expected outcomes individualized to the patient, develop a plan of care that prescribes interventions to attain the expected outcomes, implement the interventions identified in the plan of care, and evaluate the patients progress toward attainment of the outcomes, especially as related to discharge planning and education. Effectively interacts with the family and other interdisciplinary team members to maximize efforts and resources needed to ensure quality patient care based on established clinical nursing practice standards. Works cooperatively with the medical staff and other hospital personnel who support the plan of care for addressing the multi-cultural and age appropriate care of adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. The Registered Nurse addresses the patient/family biological, emotional, developmental, psychosocial and educational needs while serving as a clinical resource to physicians, other personnel and management. Supports the organizational vision and mission. A professional nurse can independently perform job functions, contribute to the provision of quality nursing care through performance improvement activities, and is responsible for self-development.  A RN will float to work on other units in the organization, as needed. 




A. Education
    1. Graduate from an accredited School of Registered Professional Nurses
    2. BCLS certification required 

B. Experience
    1. ACLS certification encouraged
    2. Certification in related specialty encouraged

C. Licensure/Certification
    1. Current registration to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state of Georgia

D. Interpersonal requirements
    1. Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills, has a commitment to

        customer service.
    2. Communicates effectively with all applicable customers and age groups.
    3. Ability to identify problem situations and implement actions of improvement
    4. Develop and maintain professional working relationship with physicians and co-workers




  1. Responsible to:
  2. Charge Nurse
  3. Clinical Manager
  4. Director of Medical Surgical Nursing
  5. Executive Vice President & Chief of Patient Services


  1. Employees supervised:
  2. Certified Nursing Assistants
  3. Nurse Techs
  4. Unit Secretaries






Frequent exposure to communicable disease, toxic substances, ionizing radiation medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a hospital environment




Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Requires standing and walking for extensive periods of time.  Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 50 pounds.  Requites corrected vision and hearing to normal range. Requires working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours.  Requires some exposure to communicable diseases or body fluids.




Dignity: We maintain personal dignity in every aspect of care and service. We protect the privacy of our customers and each other.

  • Shares customer information in private only with those who need to know
  • Conducts personal conversations so customers are unable to overhear
  • Protects privacy, modesty, and dignity of customers
  • Knocks and listens for permission to enter before opening any closed door


Attitude: We maintain a friendly and encouraging environment by smiling, speaking positively and upholding our brand standards to ensure we are consistently going Well Beyond Expectations.


  • Demonstrates friendliness and courtesy by smiling and speaking when passing through facilities
  • Words and actions used positively support Floyd at all times
  • Embraces the brand promise to consistently provide service and resources that are Well Beyond Expectations, including the presentation and use of the Floyd logo and other brand elements


Nurture: We are a team, and we work together as a team. We provide assistance without removing responsibility and identify for opportunities for improvement. We reward and recognize excellence and we demonstrate care and concern.


  • Demonstrates teamwork by working together with all staff members to take care of customers
  • Takes the initiative to assist co-workers with tasks, needs, or other projects
  • Recognizes the efforts of coworkers by giving encouragement and praise 
  • Demonstrates concern for emotional and spiritual needs of customers and coworkers
  • Identifies opportunities for the team to improve quality of services, reduce waste, and/or improve customer satisfaction


Communication:  We believe communication is a key component to care. We follow the AIDETSM  conversation framework in customer encounters. We listen carefully, use Words that Work, encourage our customers to Speak Up and interact in a professional and friendly manner.


  • Acknowledges customers by name, makes eye contact, and asks “How may I help you?”
  • Introduces and gives summary of professional certification, and experience
  • Manages customers’ expectation for duration of their encounter/experience
  • Explains step by step what will happen, answers questions, and leaves contact information
  • Thanks the customer for choosing Floyd
  • Provides positive and active communication about customers to co-workers
  • Practices active listening to the customer, repeating back what they said and answering questions to be sure they were understood
  • Uses Words that Work in customer interactions
  • Encourages customers to speak up with questions or concerns
  • Answers phone in a friendly tone with name, department and “how may I help you.” Asks permission to place caller on hold and transfers calls appropriately. 


Environment: We promote a healing environment that is clean, organized, uncluttered, quiet and in good repair.


  • Helps to keep all areas of the facility clean, organized, and uncluttered
  • promotes the healing environment by keeping voices low and minimizing environmental noise in the facility (carts, doors, pages)
  • Takes immediate action to correct facility problems
  • Picks up litter while passing through the facility


Responsiveness: We escort our customers, promptly address concerns, keep our customers informed and use Service Recovery to correct dissatisfaction.


  • Personally escorts customers to the location they need
  • Utilizes appropriate Service Recovery techniques to correct the customer dissatisfaction
  • Promptly and appropriately addresses patient/family concerns and complaints 
  • Keeps customers informed about the time they can expect service and proactively communicates any delays




  1.  The RN participates in activities which assure quality patient care:
  2. Participate in performance improvement activities as assigned.
  3. Participate in continuous quality improvement activities within the hospital and/or nursing unit as assigned.
  4. Completes medical record reviews as assigned.


B.  Essential Patient Care Responsibilities / Functions Include But Not Limited To:

  1. Follows existing protocols and processes of culturally appropriate and age specific plan of care.
  2. Conducts an individualized patient assessment, prioritizing the data collection based on the adolescent, adult or geriatric patient’s immediate condition or needs according to procedures or protocols and reprioritizes care accordingly.
  3. Develops plan of care that is individualized for the adolescent, adult or geriatric patient reflecting collaboration with other members of the interdisciplinary team.
  4. Performs appropriate interventions as ordered by physician in an accurate and timely manner.
  5. Provides individualized patient / family education customized to the adolescent, adult and geriatric patient and his / her family.
  6. Documents patient assessment findings, behavioral / psychosocial responses to nursing interventions and progress towards problem resolution.
  7. Initiates emergency resuscitation measures according to adult resuscitation protocols.
  8. Maintains confidentiality in matters related to patient, family and facility staff.
  9. Provides care in a culturally sensitive manner to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients, preserving autonomy, dignity and rights.
  10. Maintains current competency in adolescent, adult and geriatric health care including the safe use of restraints, medications and clinical equipment.
  11. Collecting, reporting and documentation of data including, but not limited to: vital signs, current medications, oximetry and blood glucose levels, specimens for diagnostic study according to age specific criteria.
  12. Performs assigned clinical duties including but not limited to: preparing patients for examination and/or treatment, and communicating/relaying information.
  13. Assists in admission/transfer/discharge processes.
  14. Is observant of patients and reports immediately any untoward signs, symptoms or unusual occurrences to the supervisor and/or physician as indicated
  15. Maintains a clean, safe and orderly environment.
  16. Competent to administer medication and blood observing the five medication rights and documents patient's response in a timely manner.
  17. Competent to check physician orders, take verbal orders, check the Medication Administration Record (MAR) and make necessary corrections.
  18. Competent in the insertion of intravenous line, care of site and clinical equipment.         
  19. Adheres to principles of infection control in performing patient care.
  20. Participates in bedside shift report when receiving and giving handoff report every shift.
  21. Participate actively in purposeful hourly rounding initiatives addressing pain, bathroom needs, position, and perimeter with all assigned patients.
  22. Credits and returns unused supplies.
  23. Follows established policies, procedures and protocols.
  24. Performs other assigned duties as appropriate for training/competency level.
  25. Document I&Os.
  26. Demonstrates proven competency in the following tasks and/or use of equipment, in accordance with FMC policies, where applicable:
  27. Inserting and caring for nasogastric tubes 
  28. Inserting and caring for Foley catheters
  29. Performing sterile and non-sterile dressing changes
  30. Inserting intravenous lines and caring for IV sites
  31. Administering medications per “five medication rights,” including PO, IV, IM, Sub-Q, enteral, dermal and rectal meds.
  32. Administration of blood or blood products 
  33. Collecting and labeling laboratory specimens
  34. Checking physician orders; taking verbal physician orders
  35. Checking MAR and making necessary corrections
  36. Performing bedside blood glucose checks
  37. Performing vital signs
  38. Use of Doppler
  39. Use of pulse oximeter
  40. Use of scales
  41. Use of Hoyer Lift
  42. Removing staples and sutures
  43. Use of IV infusion pumps
  44. Tracheotomy care
  45. Suctioning
  46. Pulsatile hose
  47. Gait belt
  48. Sliding board
  49. Application of external catheter
  50. Care and use of PEG tube
  51. Bladder scanner
  52. Application of telemetry pads
  53. Other duties as assigned



  1. The RN demonstrates ability to adapt to varied age-specific patient populations:

Adolescent (12 to 18 years):

  1. Explains procedures using correct terminology while addressing all questions.
  2. Gives the patient choice to include parent/guardian if situation appropriate.
  3. Includes parent/guardian in education.
  4. Explains the purpose of equipment/assessments/procedures.


  1. Involves the patient in decision-making and planning.
  2. Maintains privacy while staying within sight whenever possible.
  3. Utilizes equipment appropriate for the size/mobility of the patient.

Adult (20-65 years):

  1. Provides education regarding procedures to patient/significant other.
  2. Explains information/equipment using correct understandable terminology.
  3. Addresses the patient using their last name.
  4. Involves the patient in procedures and planning.
  5. Explain time sequences and individual variances.
  6. Remains in sight of the patient whenever possible.

Geriatric (> 65 years):

  1. Provides education regarding procedures.
  2. Speaks distinctly and does not raise voice unless patient is hard of hearing.
  3. Provides adequate lighting.
  4. Slows down pace if necessary.
  5. Ensures patient warmth due to decrease in head regulation.
  6. Permits patient to dictate mobility.
  7. Interacts frequently with patient.


  1. The RN meets departmental standards for professional accountability:
  2. Obtains at least twenty hours of continuing education.
  3. Acquires and maintains current knowledge and competency in nursing practice, and has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served.
  4. Demonstrates competency in technical skills by completion of role specific unit and departmental annual skills validations.


  1. The RN consistently participates in activities promoting customer satisfaction:
  2.  Responds promptly to all patient call lights or refers requests to the appropriately.
  3.  Assists the team in achieving or surpassing customer satisfaction survey goals.

3.    Assists and collaborates with co-workers as part of the team.

4.    Represents FMC and Nursing through participation on community activities.

5.    Appropriately handles and follows through on customer complaints and incidents.