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Database Administrator - Senior - Call Back

Job ID: 833801
Charlotte, NC, United States
Date Posted: Dec 29, 2020


Job Summary

Designs, implements, and maintains complex databases, with respect to access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, protection and security, documentation, and statistical methods. Includes maintenance of database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures and integration of systems through database design. Ability to work at the highest level of all phases of database management.

Essential Functions

  • Maintains within established levels, the technical performance of the databases and software supporting the administrative, financial, and other departmental computer applications.
  • Installs and configures databases for optimal use. Works with system administration team to optimize server for use with the database(s). Modifies the configuration to accommodate changing user and data requirements. Recommends, plans, and implements upgrades to newer versions of the database software.
  • Responsible for database storage management.
  • Develops and documents data models, and manages database security.
  • Manages database interfacing, replication, and distribution. Understands the methods available in the database software to export, import, distribute and replicate data. Works with personnel to ensure that interfaces have a minimal impact on interactive database usage.
  • Manages data encryption, user and group management, views, and security modes available for the databases used.
  • Manages database maintenance procedures such as scheduling tasks on the server, developing and testing backup strategies, backing up all databases and transaction logs regularly, restoring databases and transaction logs when necessary, using monitoring techniques to assess the performance of the database, making adjustments to system parameters when necessary to improve performance, assessing tradeoffs and implementing fault tolerant solutions where appropriate, and developing strategies for recovering data when failures occur.

Physical Requirements

Work is subject to high-level visibility through exposure to administration. Requires a high degree of proficiency in verbal and written communications. Must be on call 24/7 (beeper) to respond to all database production needs. Must work in an air-conditioned environment. Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs.

Education, Experience and Certifications

High School Diploma or GED required; Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or related field preferred. 3 years experience installing and supporting sophisticated information systems in a health care environment utilizing on-line/database techniques, Unix AIX operating systems required.